See what our clients have to say

“I went to Dr. Xu for acupuncture, my very first time. I have had horrible chronic back problems for over 20 years following an accident. I have had chiropractic, massage, trigger point therapy,…..nothing has ever made my back so relaxed……she is amazing. And she is VERY compassionate. I highly recommend Dr. Xu for acupuncture!!!!”

– Brynda B

Tianna,  Your massage was perfect for me.  You get the trophy for being the most gentle with my super sensitive feet of anyone ever – congratulations!!  That didn’t deter you – you stayed put much longer than what other people do or have done in the past and I left nurtured. I admire how you can gather all the client information in 15 seconds, remember it and do it, no problem.  I value how you respect the clients “getaway to dream land” and let me rest in solitude. You know that is best for me!  I am aware of your gifts both with intuition and with healing hands and an open heart towards your fellow man. You have amazing talent.  You need to BE KNOWN in West Seattle – LIKE AS IN NOW!!!!!

 – an appreciative client

“It took two months of being sick and six doctors treating me as a number to open my mind to acupuncture. I called Alan and explained my dilemma (a mysterious chest pain/wheezing amongother things) and he offered to help. During my first visit, Alan asked thoughtful questions and listened attentively. Where other health care professionals simply focused on a single symptom and ignored everything else, Alan approached my body as a whole. The acupuncture treatment alleviated my stress and subsequent treatments have helped my body repair. Alan is a kind practitioner who genuinely cares about his patients, and I gladly recommend him to my friends.”

– Chris B

End of 2013, today I am grateful for the restorative healing power of SLEEP, for fellow professionals who support me Alan Lloyd , LAc and Jeri Hinman, PT. Alan, The treatment was great, way more centered/balanced and alert. Guess what, my back quit hurting almost immediately, I noticed it around 1:00 …., better sleep and today no back pain, alert and calmer…all good in the hood, thank u so much.

– Maribeth T, LMP

“I was looking for quality prenatal massage that accepted Group Health billing and found Joe(seph) Bielling through Yelp. He is really good. I’ve had years of high quality professional massage and have pretty high standards… I was in a high amount of pregnancy pain and two days after the first massage I could tell what a difference he had made, and after our second massage appointment I couldn’t be happier with the results. So if you’re looking for pregnancy massage this is your guy.”

– Laura C.

Ingrid is my go to massage therapist. She is amazing! I cant begin to explain how much she has helped! Most massages I jaw received are variations on a theme. Ingrid’s massages are relaxing yet very firm (as I like) and it really feels like progress is being made. She also does some amazing stuff to my neck and shoulders that I have never had another massage therapist do – and they are SO effective. She is calm, comforting, and thorough.  I highly recommend giving her a try!

– Erin C.

“I used to think that getting facials was a waste of money! Oh how I was wrong! I have been getting facials once a month for a little over a year now, and my skin has NEVER EVER looked this good! … I can’t even express how wonderful my skin looks and feels, and for weeks AFTER getting the facials. I feel like a super model leaving this place.”

– Ciara D.

“Joe is hands down the best masseuse I’ve ever had.  I’ve have had many people over the course of my life (45yrs) work on me.  I was and am an athlete so have had ample opportunity for massages.  Joe has a great deal of overall knowledge about the body and how all of the muscles and tissues are connected…  He seems to know just how much pressure one can take on a given appointment (since each time may be different).  He does not however leave you feeling sore from the experience., (like you need a massage to recover from the massage)… I can not recommend Joe enough.”

– Kane R.

I recently had the best massage I’ve ever had with Phoebe Lind. She is totally amazing. Phoebe has those healing hands you daydream about when your in need of a massage. Seriously, I went in with so much anxiety and muscle pains everywhere, but left feeling totally calm and relaxed. The massage starts with a foot soak and aromatherapy. What more can you ask for before you get the massage? I’m a hard person to get to relax, Phoebe put me at ease and I found myself on the brink of falling asleep just before the massage ended! She does an excellent job, go see Phoebe. She is the real deal, no joke!”

– Djaouida F.

Anne was knowledgeable, professional and kind, and she was very confident that we could safely and beautifully bring our next child into the world at home.   As we lovingly and gently welcomed our new baby girl Emerson, into the world, Anne exceeded every expectation that we had for a midwife! She had the ability, to read exactly what I needed through each step of the labor and delivery, even when I was unable to communicate it to her. She encouraged and coached both me and my husband through the entire process. She was able to find the perfect balance between assisting us and supporting us.”

– Colleen

When you know your body, its aches, its pains and yet you can’t figure out WHAT has happened this time….get an energy session with Ingrid. Its amazing how much information she can divine in one session. The space Ingrid holds is sacred and special. I felt held in a precious healing space that allowed for changes I don’t often feel in bodywork sessions of other types. I will definitely be back!”

– Charlotte H.

Alan Lloyd’s Acupuncture is great! I went to him one month ago, February 2014, for back and neck problems and my pain in those areas have either disappeared completely or almost gone. I have sent my grandfather here for the same problems and he is doing much better then he ever was. I would highly recommend Lloyd’s acupuncture and would not hesitate to go back if I needed to.

 – Lucky M.

Anne is a perfect balance of health professional, spiritual guide and empowering leader unique to the transforming woman during pregnancy, labor and birth. I spent my second trimester meeting with different midwives, as well as a popular “medical midwife” facility, but the dynamic that I was searching for during these interviews was not there… The intimate memories my husband and I share together, and will share with our daughter, were truly and literally in Anne’s hands and we are so grateful that we met her. Our daughter was born in the comfort of our bedroom surrounded by family photos, lit candles, and a little rosemary tree. There will never be words enough to describe the importance of meeting Anne and of her presence throughout my journey to motherhood.”

– MB

I went to see Alan when the morning sickness from my pregnancy became too much for me to handle. I had never had acupuncture before but was willing to try anything for some relief. After my second session, I noticed that the morning sickness was getting better and better. I was skeptical if it would work or not and was so pleasantly surprised that it absolutely did! I would say it made my nausea 90% better. Alan was very knowledgeable and helpful I would absolutely recommend him!

– Olivia B.

For the birth of my first child, Sophie, my husband and I were delighted to have chosen Anne Hirsch as our midwife. Anne displayed a beautiful balance of strong technical knowledge and experience, with the gentleness and patience that made the midwifery option so appealing to us. We loved her diverse knowledge in yoga and the Arvigo technique of Mayan abdominal massage, both of which were helpful during labor and in post-partum recovery… During the entire pregnancy and labor Anne helped to empower my husband and me. We felt listened to during our pregnancy appointments and were never belittled or made to feel silly for the list of questions we had as first time parents. When I called her in the wee hours of the morning thinking a baby was imminent, only to find out I wasn’t even dilated 1 cm, she was there to support us.  Anne’s experience and willingness to be patient allowed me to deliver my daughter naturally and safely at home, giving my body the time it needed to labor. And for that I am ever so grateful!”

– Jill

I will never be able to put into words how thankful I am for all that you did for me, Anne! Your gentle spirit, calm confidence, loving nature, and experience were just what I needed during my labor and water birth with Thomas!  Thank you for your patience and encouragement! Because you had confidence in me, I was able to find my own strength to bring Thomas into the world. That was the best gift I could ever receive…empowerment. I had a wonderful experience and my memories of that day bring me such joy! What a priceless gift you gave us by being our midwife!”

– Marcy and Thomas

I love that you can book online. Whenever I have done so, the individual I made the appointment with has been quick to respond with a personal email (as well as the auto generated one) to introduce themselves and provide clear directions to the location.”

– Erin C