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Sacred Cave
Meditative Bowenwork®
Medical Treatment Massage

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Massage & Energywork

Michelle’s methods seek to understand the whole body in relation to itself.

Her background in energywork sets the stage for sacred space during bodywork sessions.

Sometimes you need more of a transformational ceremony to bring to a close & start anew.

Sometimes you have no desire to be “worked on” you just want to take time to go within, reconnect, ground, center and get back to the real you.

System Effects
Michelle’s techniques work with various systems in the body.

Energy systems, the nervous system, movement signaling systems, muscle memory systems, the myofascial system, the muscular & tendonous system, the ligament system.

Bowenwork®, over time, has been found to have positive effects on the digestive system, the endocrine system, as well as the mind, emotional, and energy systems.  It is an accepted part of the health care system in Australia where it originated, and across several European countries.

Medical Treatment Massage
Michelle Accepts:
Aetna, Cigna,  First Choice,  Group Health Options,  KPS,
Regence,  BCBS,  United,  L&I,  PIP,  and Out of Network Benefits.

Sometimes pain is the weakest link in the myofascial system crying out for help.

Michelle uses powerful treatment techniques that are gentle in process and may be performed from the comfort of “yoga pants & a tee” if you find that to be your preference.

All techniques all are chosen for their reputed effectiveness in a medical treatment massage setting.

Treatment Techniques

  • MLT (Manual Ligament Therapy – certified & specializing in)
  • Myofascial Positioning™  (created & specializing in)
  • Bowenwork®  (certified & specializing in)
  • positional release approaches
  • some SRT (Structural Relief Therapy – completed modules, not fully certified)

Some techniques the client is actively involved in the process, others are more passive.

All techniques use light to moderate pressure, and most engage the musculo-skeletal signaling systems in the body to create change at the deeper levels of the problem.

Techniques Available upon request

  • Intuitive Energywork
  • Meditative Journey’s

(2002-2003 certified in Hawaiian-based Healing)
(2003 Reiki Practitioner)

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Meditative Bowenwork
Bowenwork is a co-creative process with the body’s healing systems.  A session begins the process, the body continues that process sometimes up to 30 days.

The body tends to get very loud about what it wants.  Food may taste differently, sleep/quiet may be craved, movement may be desired, all kinds of things can come to light when the communication lines are more open and more clear.

Some people experience meditative journey’s during a session.
Some go deeply into quiet places.
Some experience greater ease during their meditation practice in the days following.

Sacred Cave
Energywork, bodywork, meditative journey’s.

While any session can be cave-time, setting aside a 2 hour Sacred Cave provides the time and space to flow with what is arising, honor your integration time, and settle back around to be with the rest of the day.