Massage Therapy – Michelle Basey, LMT PBP
Lic# MA00020561


Chant Whispers
Moving Energy with Subtle Sound.

  • Move Through Blocks
  • Amplify An Intention
  • Explore the essence of Who You Are

or simply recalibrate in Sacred Space for a spell

Bowenwork® as Brain-Body Calibration
Clearing the Body-Mind Communication Lines

  • Do you feel disconnected from your body?
  • Do you struggle with meditation?
  • Do you struggle with boundaries?
  • Does your body crave subtle-realm approaches?

If you’re ready to relax into connection and subtle transformation,
Bowenwork is right here waiting to assist the process.

The nervous system is the communication thoroughfare for body and mind.
Is there static on your line?
Bowenwork understands the physical body to brain language of the nervous system and communicates one clear softly spoken message “put it back where it belongs”.

The brain responds in kind and rights the system.

It has been fascinating to witness people’s stories over the course of their sessions.
Time and again stories of boundary struggles resolve effortlessly.
They come in one day and the story has completely shifted.
They knew exactly what they needed and they handled it expertly.

Bowenwork® as Medical Treatment Massage
Creating Muscular and Fascial Corrections in the Body

  • Are you in constant pain?
  • Does your body “feel off”, like “something’s not right”?
  • Have you tried traditional styles of massage and bodywork yet still feel stuck in dysfunctional movement patterns?

Because Bowenwork is neruomuscular – working with muscle, fascia, AND the nervous system, it resolves “muscle” problems with far greater efficacy than traditional styles of massage.

Bowenwork has been my #1 goto modality for constant pain since 2013. In 90% of pain cases I see astounding improvements within the first 3 sessions. It has been a profoundly life changing experience for people in chronic pain.

Even people who don’t fall in love with Bowenwork return to my table when they have tried their favorite styles first & still need to work through a Medical Treatment Massage issue.

Michelle Accepts:
Aetna, First Choice, Kaiser Permanente PPO (Options, Access, Alliant), KPS,
Regence, BCBS, Uniform, United, L&I, PIP, and Out of Network Benefits (e.g. Cigna).


About Your Session:
Sessions performed from the comfort of “yoga pants & a tee”.
Blankets & top sheets available if you tend to get cold, or prefer the on-skin feel of Bowen moves.

2002-2003 certified in ancestral kahuna healing (Hawaiian-based healing system)
2003 Reiki Master
2005 WA Massage License
for full resume: