Massage Therapy – Ingrid Suess-Harkleroad, LMP

IngridMassage Therapist, Energetic Consultations
Acutonics Sound Healing, Medical Intuition, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage
Lic# MA00018321

(Please note:  I accept Cash, Check or Credit Card.  If you have insurance, I can supply you with the appropriate documents to file directly with your insurance for reimbursement if applicable.)

Ingrid Suess-Harkleroad is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She began her studies in anatomy, energetic systems of the body, and massage while living abroad in Bangkok, Thailand. Ingrid continued her studies in Washington State, earning a certification in massage  followed by a certification in Shiatsu.

Ingrid has continued to study different ways of working with the body’s physical, emotional, mental and energy systems, which include:  Acutonics, energy reading, medical intuition, and facilitation of inner work.  She enjoys helping her clients find health and balance, whether through major injury treatment or by subtle shifts in their outlook on life – it’s an honor to join and help people on their sacred journey called life!

Ingrid has had a wide range of experiences through working at large spas, chair massage businesses, integrated medical offices, and operating a private practice.

On her days off, you may find her taking a walk with her family over on Alki Beach, strolling the West Seattle Farmers Market, or eyeing the latest shoes at Clementines!


  • Thai Yoga Massage – Combines stretching, gentle compressions, pressure point therapy, rocking, and conscious breath work – leaves one feeling relaxed and energized like after you’ve had the perfect workout. Please wear loose comfortable clothing for your treatment.
    60 min – $85     90 min – $115     120 min – $160
  • Schedule a Thai Yoga Massage, 60 Minute
  • Schedule a Thai Yoga Massage, 90 Minute
  • Injury Treatment – New or chronic injuries are welcome!  Although I don’t process insurance payments for you at this time, I can supply you with the appropriate documents to file directly with your insurance for reimbursement if applicable.
  • Shiatsu – A Japanese style of bodywork which focuses on the energy meridians, pressure points, and stretching.  Brings balance to your whole being. I use my hands, feet, knees and elbows during this treatment. Please wear loose comfortable clothing for your treatment.
    60 min – $85     90 min – $115
  • Schedule a Shiatsu, 60 Minute
  • Schedule a Shiatsu, 90 Minute
  • Massage with Sound Healing – Sound healing system using specifically calibrated tuning forks, and Tibetan singing bowls on acupuncture points within the body’s energy field to bring balance to the body’s meridian and chakra systems.  Relaxing and effective, sound vibration brings comfort and relief  to a variety of imbalances in a gentle, non-intrusive manner. 
    60 min – $85     90 min – $115
  • Sound Healing w/Massage, 60 Min
  • Sound Healing w/Massage, 90 Min
  • Energetic Consultations – An energy reading lets information come forward, with the clients permission, that may not be accessible on a conscious level. During this interactive process, you may make a request of yourself for knowledge regarding how to heal, new understandings about how you experience your life, and/or ask for guidance towards achieving a specific intention. We work together as I read and interpret what I see in your energy field, what is going on in a specific area of your body, or any other message that may come forth for your highest good.  An energy reading is a communication from you via your mind and body energy, which I then interpret. Please come to the session with 3 questions for yourself with which to work.
    Two 90 min Sessions – $250
  • Energetic Consultation – Online boooking
  • Medical Intuition – This is a specific energy reading regarding the health and symptoms within your body that you are trying to understand. I will look at your body’s auric field, scan the organ systems, look into what is going on physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and help you to identify and understand what is happening for you. I do not diagnose medical conditions or offer physical cures. I am happy to refer you to a medical practitioner in order to follow up on our findings.
    Two 90 min Sessions – $250
  • Medical Intuition Sessions – Online Booking