Holistic Rejuvenation in a Healing Space

WSW Reception

West Seattle Wellness is a unique alternative health center that offers Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Organic Skin Care, Physical Therapy, Psychotherapy and more. The experienced and healing practitioners at West Seattle Wellness are dedicated to tailoring their holistic services to meet your individual needs.

How we can help you:

Remember those rare moments in your life when you felt true harmony within yourself and a heightened interconnectedness with others? The healing practitioners at West Seattle Wellness will help you restore, attain and sustain that optimal state by gently harmonizing and balancing your physical and emotional energy flow.

Our healing practitioners are trained, certified and experienced in alternative health care. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve balance and harmony in a welcoming, elegant, relaxing space. Please review the services menu in the left column or our website for more details.

The next step is easy:

Healing and rejuvenation are just one easy step away. Please make an appointment using our convenient Online Scheduling Calendar, or contact us today.